Chocumin story

A Vietnamese mum ( Nhi ) who lives in Ho Chi Minh city found her little girl had outgrown many of her shoes. She decised to post an offer to give away her free shoes online to needy single mums.

One single parent ( Ms Hoa ) responded and explained she was a paraplegic turmeric farmer from south of Hanoi

She had been left paralysed by a botched epidural during childbirth a year earlier and now run her little farm with help from her 60 years old mother and brother

She ask Nhi for ideas on selling her Curcumin and together with Nhi’s partner who was previously in the food business in the US . The idea of combining MsHoa’s organic refined turmeric with Swisss process chocolate was born .

Nhi blended these beautiful honest pure ingredient and found not only were they good for you  as demonstrated by the BBC program ” Trust me I am a doctor ” they tasted good . Please don’t take our word for it , try a sample and let us know if we are right , we value your feedback .