Turmeric curcumin Night cream – The solution to damaged skin



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  • No Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury
  • Be a cosmeceutical product  (combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) with all ingredients meeting the standard of food grade

Cocumin – Skincare Night Cream- the solution to damaged skin

Speaking of Cocumin Night Cream we often think of it as a medicinal cream due to its obvious medicinal properties.

Due to higher curcumin content, Cocumin Night Cream not only has all the properties of cocumin day cream but also enhances it to another level. It has been proven that Cocumin Night Cream quickly and effectively heals every wound to the skin. Especially with coconut extract, which was scientifically proven to have the ability to enhance cell growth, it plays a huge role in the restoration of damaged

Having all the properties of a well-known skincare cream, Cocumin Night Cream takes care of your skin in the best way possible.

*** Calming the symptoms of eczemapsoriasis, scleroderma, rosacea, and other skin diseases

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