Combo turmeric curcumin skin care cream – for a healthy beautiful skin


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For the use of Cocumin cream in your case please note the following
1. If you have used any topical medications containing chemicals the curcumin in the turmeric will detox these chemicals . This may lead to a slight darkening and dryness of the skin surface . Don’t be concerned , this is a good sign , be patient as this old dry skin will come off and expose the fresh new skin underneath . You can assist in this process by gently washing the area with warm water
2. If you have not used any medications with chemicals on your skin or lesions , do not be surprised if there is slight itching in the area after treating with Cocumin as this is normal in healing process .Try lightly massaging the cream in the little longer as this will allow the coconut and olive oils to soften the skin
3. People with acne will experience a similar skin rash phenomenon caused by acne exfoliation on the skin surface and you just need to wash your face with warm water , massage these acne outbreaks .
4. Curcumin is not turmeric , in the water processing of turmeric the sap and much of the turmeric fiber is removed . In Vietnam where turmeric and curcumin has been used for centuries the sap is considered as irritant
5. The above mentioned sap is what gives turmeric its bright orange color and the curcumin we use is a light yellow . Of course we don’t recommend you putting on white clothes after applying the cream however our Cocumin is much easier than turmeric to remove by washing 6. Our products is 100% natural and it is food grade
7. For psoriasis or eczema we have received feedback that after 2-3 months of continual use the affected area is completely repaired . We even have had success with mild cases of skin cancer when they apply it several times a day for 6-12 months .
8. After cleaning the skin with water, you should use cotton pad (cotton used to remove makeup) to dry the water on the skin. This soft cotton will keep your skin clean and avoid damaging compared to using towels 

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