Cocumin multifunction skin care top to toe – Day Cream – 50g


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Cocumin – the secret to healthy skin

With the extraordinary extract curcumin and the precise combination of natural ingredients,
Cocumin Cream prides itself as the most effective and safest product for healthy skin care, even suitable
for infants and pregnant women.

Cocumin Day Cream not only prevents your skin from turning greasy but also protects it from the
harmful effects of sunrays.

Thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial characteristics, Cocumin cream helps remove
all dead skin cells in a selective way, as a result, it brightens your skin, cleans it, prevents and treats
acne. This product is especially effective against allergic inflammatory symptoms.

Furthermore, due to its ability to precisely moderate the production of oil on your skin, Cocumin Day
Cream can be used as a layer of protection so as to avoid contact between chemicals found in makeup
products and your skin.

Besides having curcumin as the main ingredient, Cocumin Cream also contains cold press coconut extract and olive
extract therefore it can also be used as lip gloss, which helps smoothen and make your lips healthier.

This product is tested monthly at the SGS centre, a Swedish organization, with globally approved results
making it possible for worldwide shipping.

We Promise

  • No Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury
  • Be a cosmeceutical product  (combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) with all ingredients meeting the food-grade standards
  • Will not stain your skin

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